What is the remedy to Unprofessionalism?


What is the remedy to unprofessionalism? *sigh*

Yes I am annoying when it comes to working. People who have worked with me in a team would testify to how much of a backpain I was in the course of working with me. This and that question. This and that suggestion. That’s why I usually would prefer to work alone.

Professionalism is key. Period. When there’s a meeting, you attend a meeting. Give you 100% in working. Plan your schedule. Essentially planning helps you to prioritize. You have a million things to do and only 24 hours in a day. Plan your working hours and your chillaxing hours. Communication is key in working with others. Communication breakdown can cause not only work stagnation but also demotivation among your team members.

Professionalism has to be cultivated from an early age. We have to create a culture of professionalism in all of our workplaces be it paid or voluntary in nature. The failure to do this often leads to us witnessing those at the top positions often times do not have the level of professionalism expected of them. How can you expect an institution and ultimately a nation to move forward when this culture is absent?

Development and progress are not only measured by the awesomeness of the end result but ultimately in the smoothness of the journey that they take.

‪#‎EndOfRant‬ ‪#‎ToThoseOfYouWhoWork‬

This is taken from a previous Facebook post dated August 17th, 2016.


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