History is Repeating Itself

dont bomb syria.PNG-pwrt3

Just as David Cameron decided to ‪#‎BombSyria‬, we will be instantaneously taken to a disgraceful recent past when Tony Blair decided to invade Iraq in 2003 alongside the Americans. Just as much Tony Blair today is not heralded as a war hero and instead a war criminal, Cameron shall inevitably face the same fate soon. Just as much as the moral-voice of Jeremy Corbyn in the House of Commons and the anti-war protests taken place across Britain are drowned out by the need to wage war against “terror” and to protect “national security”, their rational and morally-sound voices shall be recognized and honoured soon and Cameron’s disgraced. The war stance adopted by Cameron today demonstrates the moral catastrophe of a country known for its superb establishment of humanitarian values. Undoubtedly, reactionary, play-on-emotions politics only breeds more insecurities in the world. Terror only breeds more terror.

Indeed, history, if its not learnt is only bound to repeat itself.

‪#‎StopTheWar‬ ‪#‎AllLivesMatter‬

This is taken from a Facebook post dated 4th of December 2015.


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