A Time of Great Trials


Any loss of innocent lives has to be recognized and mourned over, whether it happened in Paris, Beirut, Jerusalem, Darfur or Rakhine. The Quran explicitly states:

“….Whoever kills an innocent human being, it shall be as if he has killed all mankind and whoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind…” (5:32)

Political grievances do not validate the taking of innocent civilian lives wherever they may be. And the fact that the media attention is predominantly given to the latest carnage in Paris and not in Beirut or to the rest of the Muslim world should not be a source of mockery to the innocent souls that perished and of the griefs felt by their families and close friends. The analysis of why the carnage took place, the indiscriminate media attention granted and what can be done to solve the terrorist activities affecting humanity, be it Muslims or non-Muslims should be actively debated.

This is a trying time for humanity in general and Muslims in particular. The sanctity of our Quran and the pristine reputation of our prophet SAW have been tarnished by those criminals who claimed to represent them. In this time of great fitna, the Muslims need to be more than ever vigilant of the Quranic injunctions and the prophetic traditions that engender love and mercy towards one another. Remember that our prophet SAW was sent as “mercy to all mankind”. The values propagated by our beloved SAW are those that universally appeal to humanity at large and not just the Muslims. It is upon us to exemplify his prophetic traditions in order to overcome the waves of trials ahead of us.

And Allah knows best.

This was taken from a previous Facebook post dated 16th of November 2015.


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