Auspicious Days


Today I woke up with a sense of immense gratitude. I am grateful of the fact that as a believer, some days and moments are designated auspicious and sacred. Sacred moments where its all about creating and solidifying your relationship with your Maker. There are holy days where you sacrifice, starve and strive all in the name of your Lord. Because as a believer, you see and feel things that other people can’t feel. You feel the mercy and life that your Lord showers upon you on these few auspicious days. The strength and inexplicable contentment that He gives you. These selected days are blessed days that are meant to elevate you. Seize the chance & be present in the blessed moments. Increase and be intense in your supplication and moisten your tongue with the remembrance of your Maker.

Seize the chance of elevation and celebrate the spirit of renewal of the new you.

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This post was taken from a previous Facebook post dated September 23rd 2015.


Hang In There


Listen. You don’t deserve to go through cycles after cycles of heartbreaks and pains. Your heart is too precious for that. Do not let it go numb after continuously falling in love and falling out of love. Keep yourself true and pure for that one person only, who has been written next to your name, 50,000 years before the creation of heavens and the sea. If it means, wait, then wait. For in waiting bears the greatest sign of your love already 🙂


This was taken from a previous Facebook post dated August 28th 2015.