Mending the Broken Heart


Transcend. Transcend that pain. Transcend the pieces of your broken heart. Reach out to Him. For He is your destination. Through the mutterings of Allahu Akbar (Allah is Greater), you’ll find solace. For there is absolutely NOTHING that is greater than Him.

Your heart is broken. But, it’s not broken for long. You’re engulfed by the darkness and trembling, kneeling down in the abyss of your pain. No amount of tears can express the stabbing pain of what’s inside. But, light will shine through and you shall be walking up straight again, heading Home, heading to Him.  Trust me, the remedies are here and the journey is long, but, your heart will heal, it will be sound and functional all over again.

Let Quran be your close company. Travelling together with you in this long voyage, in hands and inscribed in the heart. For verily: “We send down Quran as a HEALING and MERCY for the believers.” (17:82) No other words can soothe the burning pain and remove the scar of your wound, apart from His words subhanahu wa ta’ala, for in that bears the greatest level of unconditional love of your Lord for His striving slaves. Just as He consoled and comforted the hearts of His beloved messengers through Quran, open your heart to receive the same comfort and consolation that it offers. Do not dwell on what has taken place. Instead, spend time to recite gracefully, memorize and attempt to understand and live by the messages that it carries. As it heals your heart, it also slowly purifies your heart and taqwa (fear of Allah) can ultimately sprout within it, a prized and rare possession sought by many these days.

In order for your heart to heal, it needs to follow a strict routine. Apart from Quran, waking up in the middle of the night bears the strongest manifestation of your will and desire to heal your heart by prostrating, pleading to Him, crying to Him, when nobody else is watching. Rise for tahajjud. Cry to Him. Wholeheartedly. Tell Him. Everything. When the tongue is tied and the words have dried up, let the shedding of tears speak for you. The following day will be different you, trust my word! Your vision will be cleared up and your heart will become your compass for every decision that you make.

Your heart is restless. You worry. Worry for what has already transpired and what’s to come and what has been written in your book of destiny. The Most Merciful says in His glorious Quran: “Verily, ONLY in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.” (13:28) Do not underestimate the significance and the enormous healing impact that dhikr (remembrance) of Allah brings to your heart. It transforms your heart from a place of chaos and unsettled emotions into a warm, cozy abode of serenity and tranquility.

Supplication. It is your most powerful weapon. To protect you and put the broken pieces of your heart back together. And nothing sweeps the breeze of love of ar-Rahman into our hearts more than when He says: “Call upon Me; I will respond to you” (40:60) This ayah is a consolation and a promise that du’a is a means for us to rise up, a stairway to help us climb higher, that when nothing else seems to work out, when no one else seems to be there for us even when they promised to be there for us, we have got Allah. Allah. The best of companies. Seek auspicious moments to supplicate your endless wishes and desires. Seek and speak with Him in your sujood (prostration).  Feel His loving embrace in the firmness of your heart that He will DEFINITELY answer your call.

Sometimes, in order to let your heart properly healed and mended, you have to escape. Escape from the chaos of this world and enter His house. Spend some quality time and seek refuge in his masaajid (mosques). Seek time just between you and Him. Stop your pretense of being strong. We were created weak. Admit your weaknesses before Him and seek His help to get through whatever struggles of this life. The stillness of the heart that you were thirsty of will be quenched in your solitude in His house.

He is watching you. Watching you crumbling down and broken. But, He would also be watching you rise and bloom into a new you. He is there. Always watching over you.

These are not words of consolation, for words of consolation cannot be anyone’s words but His. But these are spiritual remedies sought by many, but only granted to few. Seek His help for “Allah is your protector and He is the best of helpers” (3:150).


Everyday Warriors


I stared at their faces. For quite too long too. Wrinkles decorating their saggy and sun-beaten skin. At one moment, I thought as if I could see stories drawn on those faces, screaming to be expressed and to be told to me. Trickles of sweat were constantly swept out due to the bothering heat and the absence of a ventilation system within the cafe did not help either. Those faces I kept on staring. I thought to myself. These faces somehow looked strangely familiar but unique in their own ways at the same time. The stories that they are telling must be different but similar in the exhaustion that they manifested. I could hear something. I could hear their silent sighing. I was curious. And there I was making up assumptions in my head and drawing out conclusions of the possibilities of me getting their stories right based on my limited knowledge of history, politics and sociology meshed together.

But in truth, I did not need to do that. I did not need to know their stories to feel something for them. For I saw my mother and father in them. I saw the looks of a warrior in every single one of them. The struggling life is a battlefield for them. They physically and mentally toiled daily to achieve a modest victory of feeding their kids at the end of the day and getting them properly educated so that they will not have to fight the same battle in the future.

I did not know who they are. I did not know their names or where they came from. Some of them I imagined must have hailed from a place far from here. I tried to imagine the journey that they had taken and the views that they have captured with their minds on a voyage here to seek a better life. Probably their hearts are broken, unmendable having to part from their loved ones in those faraway lands. But I felt close to them. I felt the warmth within their souls. I saw the exhaustion that they were trying to camouflage with their warm smiles. The smiles that came from a belief having to be digged from deep within. A belief that through His azza wa jal’s will, their kids will not go hungry that day. That one day they don’t have to live hand-to-mouth anymore. In their tired smiles also, I see not only hope, but gratitude. The kind of gratitude that makes them wealthy and rich inside. These warriors are beautiful. No, they don’t have the obsessed, desired flawless skin or curves like those on TV or magazines, but something about looking at them gives you immense tranquility. Perhaps, its their strong connection with Allah that gives them that radiant, impeccable beauty, rare of this world. Sometimes, in looking at them and their unabated perseverance, I grew in conviction that paradise will be filled by them.

These people are everywhere around us. We might usually ignore them or assume that they’re simply part of the facilities that assist and help make our life a tiny bit easier. Sometimes, we might also think of them as nothing but a nuisance. But, these people are human beings with a soul. They have dreams, hope, ambitions just like we, the privileged, do. Appreciate their contributions in your life and give them the best of gifts, a sincere du’a.

Sometimes, a real beauty has to be seen closely in order for it to be appreciated wholeheartedly.