A Healing Month


The blessed, long-awaited guest is finally here.

Ramadan. Our hearts have yearned for you for too long and now you’ve finally arrived ushering abundance of mercy and blessings to heal our ill hearts. Let this Ramadan be a month of healing. Healing of the body and soul. Let this month heal the broken parts of our hearts and our relationships and give a little break to our exhausted bodies. Yes, you will tire yourself physically and mentally. But, know that all the doors of paradise are opened in this month and every single good deed will be multiplied in rewards. Plus, who knows if we still be allowed to experience another Ramadan comes next year. Compete in all forms of good deeds and yearn to earn His pleasure, forgiveness and eventual meeting with Him azza w jal :’)

Ramadan Mubarak!

This was taken from a previous Facebook post dated June 18th 2015.

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