Sucked and Drowned

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We got sucked in. Sucked into this unforgiving realm of technology. We are drowning in the virtual reality that we’ve become oblivious that we’re leaving the real world slowly.

In bending our necks, looking down at our phones, our tabs, staring deeply into our computer screens, we’ve missed out at our spouses smiling at us, caring for us. We’ve overlooked our kids growing up before our very eyes. We missed the very things that they were excited to show us. We didn’t get to see those glint in their eyes as they were saying, “Mama, papa! Look at this! Look at what I’ve done!” Because suddenly somebody else’s kids look cuter to us on Facebook and Instagram that we just feel the need to like it and consequently end up snubbing our kids’ excitement and simply say, “Ok, honey! I’ll check them out later, ok?” We get drowned more and more and the tragedy is we don’t even realize that we’re drowning.

We’ve become so accustomed into expressing our emotions through emojis/emoticons that we’ve forgotten how to be socially comfortable around people. Real people. We’ve forgotten how to be human. How to connect at a human level. How to connect to our spouse, our kids, our friends, our parents and OURSELVES. We’ve lost who we really are. Suddenly, our Facebook status become the very thing that defines us. Our Instagram account displays how exciting and colorful our lives can be to the world. What we do and how we feel, we would like to share with the whole world. When we sit down with our friends, we are at lost to connect humanly to them and resort to taking selfies of us and them and directly share in real time with the whole world of that intimate moment together. There is very little barrier that we erect between our lives and the global audience.

The very thing that promises to empower us is gradually disintegrating our relationship, our married life, our family ties and our friendship. We’re losing more and more of ourselves, the more space we’re given to express and be ourselves. The technology has become our master and we, its obedient slaves. No rebellion is put up. Whatever the master demands, we immediately fulfill it.

Technology comes as an immense blessing and has become a great necessity in our lives. But, in letting this convenience control our hearts and minds, we’re letting growing risks of moments uncherished and our lives unfulfilled.

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