Collecting the Pearls


This dunya can sometimes be ugly. Sometimes we may find ourselves falling into the deepest pit of the ocean. We find no way out. We feel that an inconceivable calamity has struck us. the whole world has come tumbling down. The darkness engulfs our sight. Such descriptions that we have for our pain. But we forget that only by being in the deepest pit of the ocean, we can collect the purest of pearls and rise back up. It is only through being forced to fall on our knees can we fall into the position of greatness, the position of begging to the Most High. And out of everyone in the world, we who have Allah must believe that there is Light at the end of the tunnel. There is nothing be it good or bad that has befallen a believer except that it will be good for them at the end. Engrave that in our hearts.

Being in this dunya is a bit like swimming. If you’re panicked, you’re going to drown. Relax. What do we have to worry when we know that our affairs are safe in His hands?


This post was taken from a previous Facebook post dated March 20th 2015.


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