Understanding Yourself


It’s a tough job understanding yourself…..

Growing up you cry too easily. When the society looks down on such a trait, you shove down the emotions and you felt your heart was instead crying. You live at the extreme edges of emotions. Either too cold or too nice. You give too much, take too little. You would rather experience pain and hurt as long as others that you love experience pleasure and happiness. And the cycle continues. Such is the state of your heart. Self-blame is the constant feature of your personality. And often times, you built a tough strong facade of fortitude around your personality so that no one can tell how breakable your inner self really is. You’re a visionary. You dream too big. You plan too much. You expect too much from people. You attach yourself easily to people too. And the result is, your heart is continuously broken and you find yourself alone having to mend it all over again. You can’t help but feel that there is a constant battle taking place in your soul. And of course, you simply love any topic relating to the soul and emotions to justify whatever it is that you’re feeling.

But amidst all of this questioning, you find a greater source of comfort and love. You find Allah. You know that whenever that soft heart of yours is torn times and times again, He will help mend it for you. You know that whatever happens, He’s got your back and those worries don’t last as long. He reminds you that all these heartbreaks and torments of the soul only happens here, in this lowly DUNYA. Over there, in the next world, in a place where your soul truly belongs, He awaits you…..

…..رب ابن لي عندك بيتاً في الجنة

This was taken from a previous Facebook post dated December 11th 2014


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