Path To God



The path to God is not easy. Sometimes, you have to be brought down to your lowest in order for you to crawl back out to Him. Sometimes you have to be tested with heartbreaks and losses of people and things that you loved the most so that you may realign your target of attachment. Maybe you were too obsessed and too attached to the creations that you forgot the Creator. Maybe you utter easily with your tongue that you believe in Him, but it takes tests and trials to see whether the same is true within your heart. Maybe the trials and tribulations that you faced is just Allah’s signal that He is missing you and wants you to come back and ask help from Him. He just wants you to draw close to Him again. Therefore, in times of great trials, 2 important ingredients are needed to succeed; patience and taqwa. Patience takes courage. This will inshaAllah slowly lead to you gaining taqwa (God-consciousness) by asking and never stop asking ONLY from Him azza w jal. The intensity of the tests will inshaAllah fade away and serenity will reside within your heart. May Allah ease all of our affairs

صبر جميل والله المستعان….

This was taken from a previous Facebook post dated October 12th 2014


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