I Saw My Prophet SAW In You


Today I witnessed a scene that taught me a multitude of lessons. As I went into the car to go back home, my eyes caught the look of a panicking African man. He looked very anxious and was catching up his breaths. Then, I began to assume a clearer picture. He was trying to help someone in car. He was pushing the car as hard as he could and next to him I could see a cute little Arab boy giving a helping hand. Then, something in me hits hard. The whole picture suddenly looks sadder than usual. The little boy was helping pushing the car that belongs to his father who’s trying to revive the car from within. But, it keeps failing to do so. I sat watching. And feeling extremely helpless as I couldn’t think at the top of my head what could I do to release them from their struggle at the time. The humanity within me was screaming telling me to just do something. I asked my mom if we could ask if they need a lift to go somewhere. Then, the African man came close to our car. He politely asked if we have a jumpstarter to lend them so they may bring the car back to life with it. We regrettedly said we had none. But one thing that I couldn’t forget was how polite and humble the African man in which he even managed to carve a smile in his anxious face in asking us (women) for a help. All of this simply to help a fellow Muslim brother. Then, something hits me hard as we hopelessly had to leave them to ask others for the jumpstarter. I saw something so beautiful. I saw my prophet PBUH in that African man. I saw the reflection of my beloved prophet SAW in the character of that man. Not skin color or language barrier made him think twice to help a fellow Muslim brother in need. That was the message that was brought by our beloved SAW. A message of brotherhood. A message so universal of love and humanity. Peace and blessings be upon him, the mercy to all mankind.

This was taken from a previous Facebook post dated October 3rd 2014.


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