The beginning of every other beginnings


Bismillahi al-Rahman al-Raheem,

Well, here I am.  Finally with a blog. Alhamdulillah. While writing this post, a beautiful soul-soothing recitation of Qari Ahmed Nufays is playing in the background. Do check it out here. He mashaAllah tabarakAllah has the voice and a recitation style that just captivates your soul and let it be still. And I do have to disclose one quirky thing about myself although this is admittedly a rather brave thing to do given that this is only my introductory post. But, oh well 🙂 When I happen to like a particular recitation or a song, I will play it on repeat for like 100 times. And I don’t kid around on stuffs like that. Worry not. I shall guarantee that you will pick up plenty more quirky things about me as we go along. InshaAllah 😉

This blog is by the grace of God a result of much support and encouragement from those who believed and saw more potential within me than I could ever see in myself. May Allah bless their beautiful hearts and forever envelope them in His mercy and love. And after gathering much confidence, this is it. A beginning of every other beginnings. A new page shall we say? This page will inshaAllah hopefully allow you to traverse through the wandering soul of a girl in this fleeting dunya, constantly working to reclaim, refine and purify her heart with a hope that one day she will wander no more, dwelling in the garden up above with her Lord, living happily ever after. InshaAllah.

With love,

Farhah Aziz 



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